Sensor laboratory

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Nils Kroell

Research Group Leader "Sensor Technology and Data Science"


+49 241 80 99343



The testing equipments in the sensor laboratory of the department of Anthropogenic Material Cycles are working with

  • Hyperspectral cameras in VIS and NIR area,
  • 3D laser triangulation sensors,
  • RGB cameras and
  • different lighting technology in visual and UV area.

Material flows from different areas of origin and preparation stages are analyzed through the detection and classification by color, florescence, three-dimensional information and material types determination with NIR spectroscopy. The development and evaluation of analyzing and sorting methods and algorithms are main objectives.

For on-site material flow analysis in waste treatment plants, the RGB and 3D cameras can be used. Through the analysis of belt loading, different measures can be developed to enhance the process control.

For teaching purpose, a sorting rig is available for students to learn the basic principles of sensor-based sorting through practical examples.