European Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium

  Picture of the founders of the Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium Copyright: © Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium

The European Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium ( Eurelco ) was founded in 2014 by 38 participants from 13 EU member states, including companies , research institutes and government organizations .

The aim of the concortium is to create a network that examines the technological, legal, social, economic and environmental challenges of Enhanced Landfill Mining and works out an action plan for its implementation . Enhanced Landfill Mining ( ELFM ) describes the safe recovery of valuable materials from existing and future landfill waste for material and energy use , taking into account social and environmental criteria .

Until 2020, Enhanced Landfill Mining shall make a significant EU-wide contribution to a resource-efficient recycling economy.

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The Department of Processing and Recycling is already researching together with project partners in the area of ​​ Landfill Mining . The Department is involved in the development of innovative mechanical processes for the recovery of selected resources from municipal waste and slag landfills .