Friedrich Wilhelm Prizes 2014

  Picture of the award ceremony 2014 initiated by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Foundation Copyright: © Martin Lux

RWTH Aachen honored 28 students, doctoral candidates, and post-docs with the 2014 Friedrich Wilhem Prize. The honor is annually awarded to RWTH Aachen students and researchers for their outstanding achievements. This year Sebastian Kaufeld, research assistant at the Department of Processing and Recycling was amongst them. He was awarded the prize for his master thesis in which he analyses the residence time behavior of individual grain factions during classification.


Classification is influenced by a variety of process parameters depending on separation unit and substance mixture to be treated. Knowledge about the process parameters, e.g. revolution of a sieving drum and their influence on the condition of a substance mixture is of utmost importance. Their quantitative impact on the yield in particular is oftentimes insufficiently known.

The main objective of Mr. Kaufeld’s thesis was constructing a test rig designed for the continuous detection of the residence time behavior of individual grain fractions during classification using a drum sieve. In order to achieve this goal transponders were affixed to heterogeneous test objects and the discharge rate was continuously recorded via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

The results indicate general applicability of RFID technology in temporally differentiated capturing, notably to quantify parameterizations by residence time.



Sebastian Kaufeld

Former research assistant