DAAD-exchange TUKE

  Portrait of Mattias Berwanger and Andrea Garth in Kosice Copyright: © Department of Processing and Recycling

"Hello, our names are Andrea Garth and Mattias Berwanger. We are research assistants and Ph.D. students at the Department of Processing and Recycling of RWTH Aachen University in Germany. We came to the Department of Non-Ferrous Metals and Waste Treatment of the Technical University of Košice for two weeks through a DAAD exchange project (Germany Academic Exchange Service).

Our interdisciplinary project is aimed at investigating mechanical and metallurgical processing options for printed circuit boards from entertainment electronics. Of course, we also like to learn about each other’s systems and cultural backgrounds. Košice and Aachen are perfect places for this.

The Department of Processing and Recycling investigates research issues of solid waste management with a holistic approach. Three aspects are central to our research and teaching: material systems, process chains as well as their modeling and assessment. With this approach, we conduct thorough technical and economic studies for planning, organization and assessment in the field of secondary raw materials. At TUKE we have an opportunity to get insights into the connection between mechanical and metallurgical processing of metallic waste.

At the Department of Non-Ferrous Metals and Waste Treatment, we worked on hydrometallurgical leaching experiments under varying parameters. We also learned about analytical methods and gave small presentations about our own department’s work. On an excursion to Banská Bystrica we were able to visit two recycling plants for electronic equipment (elektro recycling, s.r.o.) and aluminum smelting (Confal, a.s.).

During Košice Days a team of the Department of Non-Ferrous Metals and Waste Treatment and Mattias took part in the Košice City Run on May 6, 2015. On a leisure trip to Jasov we saw a UNESCO World Heritage stalactite cave of the Slovak Karst. In and around Košice we were shown several enjoyable places, for example Kembridž and Alpinka.

The exchange program will continue at the end of the year by a visit from Košice to Aachen. Mechanical experiments and excursions will connect with experience and information gained at TUKE.

Finally, we would like to thank Prof. Havlík and Dušan Oráč for organizing our visit to Košice and for the very pleasant atmosphere at their department. Many thanks go to the staff and students for welcoming and helping us throughout our stay, for spending their time with us and teaching us some useful Slovak phrases. Especially Johnny was patient in explaining laboratory equipment and procedures. We hope to welcome them in Aachen soon."

Andrea Garth & Mattias Berwanger