Open source Python package "imea" published


The quantitative measurement of 2D and 3D shapes from images is used in many research areas such as chemistry, mining, medicine and biology as well as environmental technology. At ANTS, the measurement of particles from generated sensor data is also used to better describe the particles of different material systems and to make them available for new applications in the field of sensor-based material flow characterization.

Until now, the automated extraction of corresponding shape descriptors from sensor data was only possible in a very cumbersome way, since only a small number of shape descriptors were implemented in open source software packages and different software packages use different coordinate systems and data formats. With imea, an open source Python package for extracting 2D and 3D shape measurements from images was developed at ANTS. The current version of imea allows the extraction of 53 different 2D shape descriptors and 13 different 3D shape descriptors with a single function call. Furthermore, by specifying the spatial resolution of the inserted images, the results are automatically converted into metric units for further quantitative analysis.

The developed software package was recently published in the Journal for Open Source Software and can be conveniently installed via the Python Package Index. More details about the software package can be found in the associated publication and software repository.