Publication on the topic of packaging waste treatment


Sorting plants are an essential part of the recovery of secondary raw materials from packaging waste in Germany. The technical know-how available at ANTS on these plants has been compiled by the authors Alexander Feil, Nils Kroell, Thomas Pretz as well as Kathrin Greiff and published in the July issue of the journal Müll & Abfall (ISSN: 0027-2957, (Germany): Jg.53, Nr. 7, 2021, p.362-370; DOI: 10.37307/j.1863-9763.2021.07.04). Under the title "Requirements for efficient technological treatment of post-consumer packaging materials in sorting plants - possibilities and limits", the paper shows which factors influence the process success of state-of-the-art sorting plants and which currently unsolved challenges could possibly be solved by technical developments in the future.