"Steel - Circularity at its best?" - Filmed Discussion


The VIRWa - Vienna Institute for Resources and Waste - invited to a filmed expert discussion on the sustainability of steel.

  Picture of Wiebke Hagedorn , Ph.D. Ichiro Daigo and Magdalena Klotz Copyright: © VIRWa From left: Wiebke Hagedorn (ANTS), Ph.D. Ichiro Daigo (University of Tokyo), Magdalena Klotz (Moderation, ETH Zürich)

Together with Prof. Ichiro Daigo, Dr. Sabine Dworak and Dr. Gerhard Hackl, Wiebke Hagedorn of ANTS discussed the chances and challenges of the material flow steel. The focus was set on the steel production, its processing, the related environmental impact, and the saving potentials related to technological developments in the future.

The discussion was part of a video production and can be seen on the VIRWa YouTube channel.