Wiebke Hagedorn

M. Sc.

Research assistant

Wiebke Hagedorn
Department Anthropogenic Material Cycles


Building: 1140

Room: 128

Wüllnerstraße 2

52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 99346

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Titel Autor(en)
Air-hardening martensites: Quench and tempering steel properties at the expense of a precipitation hardening ferritic-pearlitic steel
Contribution to a conference proceedings (2022)
Gramlich, Alexander Roald Michael (Corresponding author)
Hagedorn, Wiebke
Krupp, Ulrich
More than recycling - The potential of the circular economy shown by a case study of the metal working industry
Journal Article (2022)
Hagedorn, Wiebke (Corresponding author)
Jäger, S.
Wieczorek, L.
Kronenberg, P.
Greiff, Kathrin
Weber, S.
Roettger, A.
Circular Design for Steel Products
Conference Presentation (2022)
Hagedorn, Wiebke
Greiff, Kathrin
Roettger, Arne
Circular Economy Strategies in Practice: Ecological Potentials of Linking Value Chains in the Metalworking Industry
Conference Presentation (2021)
Hagedorn, Wiebke
Greiff, Kathrin
Bienge, Katrin
Liedtke, Christa
Zirkuläres Wirtschaften auf Produktebene : Überblick und Analyse bestehender Indikatoren
Journal Article (2020)
Hagedorn, Wiebke (Corresponding author)
Kick, Marlene
Greiff, Kathrin (Corresponding author)
Jarchow, Svenja
Who should waste less? Food waste prevention and rebound effects in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals
Journal Article (2019)
Hagedorn, Wiebke
Wilts, Henning
Measuring the Environmental Impact of the Circular Economy Concepts using the Example of Steel Tools
Poster (2019)
Hagedorn, Wiebke (Corresponding author)
Faulstich, Martin
Greiff, Kathrin
Bienge, Katrin