Student workers

  Photo of student workers in October of 2022 © ANTS

From left back row: Philip Audi, Lennart Heidsiek, Jan Juretschke, Peter Bardenheuer, Abtin Maghmoumi,Carla Polifka, Natalie Hegemann, Matthias Schlaak, Alina Gosger, Rosalie von Behr


*** Studentische Hilfskräfte ***

  • Philip Audi
  • Marvin Emmerich
  • Lennart Heidsiek
  • Morgane Koenig
  • Abtin Maghmoumi
  • Jasmin Roos
  • Matthias Schlaak
  • Carla Polifka
  • Paula Schönfelder
  • Greta von Hindte
  • Rosalie von Behr
  • Pascal Dahmen
  • Natalie Hegemann
  • Steffen Schmädecker

Application for employment as a student worker

Are you interested in working as a student worker at the Department of Anthropogenic Material Cycles? Then please, feel free to submit an unsolicited application including cover letter, a curriculum vitae in tabular form and a current overview of your grades.

Student workers at the Department of Anthropogenic Material Cycles are active in various areas, such as practical work in the technical lab, in the laboratory and at field tests, as well as theoretical tasks with regards to research, documentation and analysis.