The core competencies of ANTS lie in the investigation, development and evaluation of raw material cycles. In doing so, our work is characterized by a strong practical orientation and by a profound knowledge of methods, concepts and practices of the Circular Economy - especially in the life cycle phase of waste processing including sorting. We have extensive expertise in real-world applications and technologies of the recycling and circular economy. Due to the technical equipment available at the institute, investigations and test series can be carried out both at the institute up to demonstration scale and on-site at processing plants.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


Characterization of raw materials

  • Data collection for material characteristics of secondary raw materials (including composition, quality)
  • Evaluation of availability, composition and quality of secondary raw materials
  • Provision of data for material flow and life cycle analyses
  • Sensor-based material flow characterization
  • Strengthening the data basis through comprehensive material characterization and determination on a technical scale (TRL 3 to 7)

Development and modeling of circular raw material systems

  • Analysis of circularity of products (in line with existing circular and waste management systems)
  • Modeling of processes and material flows for the purpose of weak point analysis, increase of resource efficiency and evaluation of reprocessing results
  • Testing and investigation of sensor-based sorting processes
  • Optimization of sorting processes based on Machine and Deep Learning
  • Improvement of productivity taking into account the state of the art in technology and research
  • Design of individual process and plant concepts

Mechanical treatment

  • Treatment technology tests in our own technical laboratory
  • Sensor-based analyses in our own sensor laboratory
  • Analysis of secondary raw materials in our own raw materials laboratory



  • Feasibility analyses of treatment processes
  • Preparation of plant balance sheets
  • Investigation of cost- and energy-relevant aspects
  • Assessment of the quality of technical treatment measures


  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on the basis of DIN EN ISO 14040/44
  • Evaluation and comparison of products, product systems, process steps and entire processes as well as services

Our research activities and listing of technical equipment give a further overview of the existing competences at ANTS. If you have any questions, please contact our staff.