Raw Materials Inventory

  • data collection for secondary raw materials
  • providing data for Material Flow Analysis an Life Cycle Assessment
  • Assessment of availability, composition and quality of secondary raw materials
  • improving the data basis by using comprehensive methods for characterizing materials and through investigations on a technical scope (TRL 3 to 7)


  • Modelling of processes and evaluation of the processing result
  • Weak point analysis and creation of optimized concepts
  • Improvement of productivity by considering the state of the art of technology and research
  • Planning individual process and plant concepts

Techno-economic assessment

  • Feasibility analyses of treatment processes
  • Preparation of plant valuation reports
  • Analysis of cost and energy relevant aspects
  • Quality assessment of processing technology operations

Genuine Scale Knowledge

  • Expertise in real-life applications and technologies in the circular economy
  • Trials at demonstration scale possible
  • Extensive technical equipment available
  • On-site testing in waste treatment plants

Mechanical treatment

  • Treatment technology tests in our own technical laboratory
  • Sensor-based analyses in our own sensor laboratory
  • Analysis of secondary raw materials in our own raw materials laboratory

Our research activities take place with the aid of our technical facilities and are made possible through financing from various programmes on state, national and European levels as well as private research funding.