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The general goal of the research cooperation between FH Münster and RWTH Aachen, within RessourcenKolleg.NRW, is to enhance the conversion of inadequately utilized wastes into valuables in terms of energy and recovery yield efficiency resulting in economic, environmental and social benefits. Natural resources are to be preserved as waste availabilities are estimated, waste compositions and qualities are identified and long term waste disposal is minimized. More specifically, these goals are to be achieved by the recovery and utilization of precious metals originating from complex end-of-life products (e.g. electronic waste, light fraction of shredder waste, fractions from buildings or infrastructure). Simultaneously, the plastic content of the waste is to be either used energetically or to be recycled.

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In the long term, an interdisciplinary research association of highly qualified scientists is established within the Ressourcenkolleg.NRW. These scientists are given the opportunity to reach a doctoral degree, regardless of the type of the academy.

In particular, the Department of Processing and Recycling addresses the topic of sensor-based inventory of recyclable metalliferous waste streams and the topic of fine grain treatment of metalliferous waste streams by density sorting.

For more information please view the Website of RessourcenKolleg.NRW or the cooperations section of our institute.