EnAB - Energy efficient exhaust treatment



Level: national

Partners: 4

Duration: 08.2012 – 07.2015

  technical facilities  

Due to the 30th Ordinance of the Federal Emission control (“30. BImSchV”) the exhaust air of mechanical biological waste treatment (MBT) plants has to be collected and treated. State of the art is the treatment of the exhaust air by a combination of biofilter and regenerative thermal oxidation unit (RTO). RTO units are not designated for the exhaust air treatment of MBT plants, so for the application of RTO units additional exothermic energy is needed. This leads to the unsatisfying situation, that nearly 65 % of the total specific energy consumption of the MBT plant is sourced from the RTO. With regard to energy and resource efficiency of MBT plants, the application of RTO units constitutes the largest drawback in the process.

Due to this situation the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) funds the interdisciplinary research project “Energy-efficient Exhaust Air Treatment - EnAB“ (Funding sign 03ET1053 A-D), which started in August 2012. EnAB aims at increasing the energy efficiency and improvement of productivity in MBT plants by using alternative and energy-efficient technologies for exhaust air treatment. Additionally, modifications of operational settings in the mechanical as well as biological part will be studied.

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