WUR1 - Kenniscentrum Nascheiding



Level: Netherlands

Partners: 4

Duration: 07.2009 – 12.2012

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Since 2009, a dual system for the separate collection of plastic packaging waste (Bronscheiding) is operated in the Netherlands. Two mechanical-biological treatment plants in the northern Netherlands exist which could be upgraded with little effort to separate plastic packaging waste from household residual waste. The question arose whether combined collection of municipal and packaging waste and a subsequent mechanical separation of the packages (Nascheiding) could be more efficient in terms of recovered mass and cost, to reach a higher recyclability.

By investigation of the processes in the mechanical-biological treatment plants and sorting systems, in which the pre-concentrates are further sorted, and by a simulation of a recycling process in the laboratory, the entire yields can be examined. Furthermore, the material properties of the products are examined. The potential for plastic packaging waste in the household residual waste is an important input for the process chain and was determined by analysis of statistical data on waste generation.

It was shown that the quality of products of the Bronscheiding and Nascheidings did not differ significantly (assuming that the simulated recovery process is employed). The mass per inhabitant and per year of the recovered plastic of both systems highly depends from the boundary conditions (urbanization / collection rate, technical procedures).