Level: National / UBA

Partners: 7

Duration: 7.2013-09.2015


Possibilities of a resource-efficient recycling economy by further extraction of raw materials from solid combustion residues from the treatment of municipal waste

Within the UFOPLAN project, technical options to increase the recovery of metals and mineral resources from solid combustion residues are examined and evaluated. Against this background, the recycling potential of both dry and wet discharged waste incineration ashes are to be shown. To determine the possibilities for recovering raw materials from waste incineration ash a reflection of conventional technical procedures is carried out. In addition, innovative biological processes are examined for a possible suitability for the recovery of valuable materials. Through the results of the project, the Federal Environmental Agency will be provided with an extensive data base which is intended to serve as a basis for future decisions on the national implementation of the European Waste Framework Directive.

Within the UFOPLAN-project the Department of Processing and Recycling (RWTH Aachen University), the Institute for Metallurgy and Steel Production (University Duisburg-Essen), the Fraunhofer Project Group Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies (IWKS), the Martin GmbH for Environmental and Energy Technology and the B.R.A.I.N Biotechnology Research And Information Network AG are researching under the coordination of the Unit of Technology of Fuels (RWTH Aachen University).

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This project is funded by the German Environmental Agency (UBA), with the project number 371333303. The authors are responsible for the content of this publication.