PPROBE - Development of an analytical method for metal content determination of fine-grained, metal-rich waste streams

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Together with a partner from industry, the ANTS has been working on the R&D project "PROBE" since October 2019. The aim of the project is to develop an analytical method for determining the metal content of fine-grained, metal-rich waste streams. Currently, these material streams are inadequately processed because there is no standardized treatment process due to the fluctuating, heterogeneous composition and complexity of the material. Companies that process these waste streams run an economic risk because they have no information on the metal content of the input and output streams.

In the "PROBE" project, the first step is to develop a process for the adapted material preconditioning of metal-rich fine fractions that enables metal detection based on color and shape factors. In the further course, the knowledge gained will be used to carry out online analyses in a pilot plant.

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