Forschungskolleg VERBUND.NRW

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The project "Forschungskolleg VERBUND.NRW" aims to implement the Circular Economy concept for composite materials used in construction industry. Within the inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation between 11 chairs and institutes of the RWTH Aachen University and the Münster University of Applied Sciences, solutions for the realization of a closed-loop recycling of composite materials are jointly being developed from the perspective of different scientific disciplines.

The range and complexity of multifunctional composites is enormous today. Thus, industry partners have been engaged for the implementation, with whom the team members can exchange and coordinate in so-called "transfer labs". A specific approach to individual composite systems from different perspectives enables the innovative development of solutions towards creating circular economy.

The PhD project (PV 9) based at the Institute for Anthropogenic Material Cycles (ANTS) focusses on the analysis of the recyclability of composite building materials via mechanical-based treatments. In this context, relevant influencing factors are identified, analyzed and evaluated by means of life cycle assessment taking into account ecological, economic and technical aspects. The question of how a mechanical-based treatment should be carried out, designed and located in the overall system in order to enable sustainable circulation will be addressed. This approach is intended to provide a holistic insight into the value chain of selected composite materials.