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Niveau: National

Partners: 3

Duration: 07.2022 - 01.2024



Berfin Bayram

Research Assistant


+49 241 80-95966



Utilization potential analysis of materials from deconstruction process

Closing material cycles in the construction sector aims at a more efficient use of resources and avoidance of construction and demolition waste. Thus, the estimation of the value of a buildings’ materials after the use phase is becoming increasingly important to keep them in the material cycle. The research project "NuMaRü" deals with the development of a methodology to estimate the monetary value of demolition materials.

In addition to the selection of suitable variables to decide the value of different building elements, different demolition and processing scenarios will be evaluated based on a case study. These different deconstruction routes, processing techniques and material qualities will be modeled and compared considering their economic and environmental impacts. The results of the life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC) will further serve as a basis for the development of the assessment methodology. Furthermore, price trends and the market value of the relevant materials will be examined. Finally, the evaluation methodology will serve investors and building owners as a foundation for early decision-making regarding the handling of materials in deconstruction.

Within this interdisciplinary research project, ANTS focuses on the processing of construction and demolition waste, and the junior professorship Recyclable Construction (RB) is primarily concerned with the demolition process, with each institute evaluating it from an environmental perspective using LCA. The Institute for Sustainability in Building (INaB) assesses the economic aspect for the entire system using LCC. The project is funded by Zukunft Bau, an innovative program by the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building, with the aim of promoting the integration of sustainable approaches to the circular economy in the construction sector.