Modeling of hyperelastic material accounting for the Mullins effect by defining a new stiffness reduction variable

Toups, Elisabeth (Corresponding author); Seewald, Robert Vitus; Schaaf, Benjamin (Corresponding author); Holthusen, Hagen; Reisgen, Uwe; Feldmann, Markus; Reese, Stefanie; Simon, Jaan-Willem

Magdeburg : Institut für Mechanik, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg (2020)
Journal Article

In: Technische Mechanik
Volume: 40
Issue: 1
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 77-86


  • Chair and Institute of Applied Mechanics [311510]
  • Chair for Steel and Lightweight Metal Construction and Institute of Steel Construction [311710]
  • Welding and Joining Institute [417610]