Current research projects


Since 1972, we are researching on waste management and working on various problems in waste processing and recycling. Below you can find a part of our current research topics.

Research activities are supported with our technical facilities and funded by programs on state, national and European levels as well as private research funding.

  Emblem of Blades2Build

Blades2Build - Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse End-Of-Life Wind Blade Composites

  example picture biowaste Copyright: © ANTS

EKaBio - Energy-efficient cascade utilization of biogenic waste considering new requirements for exhaust air treatment and compost quality

  Pile of waste including paper Copyright: © ANTS

EnEWA - Energy savings in paper production by tapping the value chains of recovered paper from lightweight packaging, residual waste and commercial waste

  Teaser - INSTAnT Copyright: © ANTS

EsKorte - Development and testing of a sensor-based material flow monitoring system for plastic recycling technologies

  Picture Resource cycle

Forschungskolleg VERBUND.NRW - Closing the loop | Resource-efficient and recyclable composite materials in the construction industry

  Schematic presentation of the system boundaries Copyright: © ANTS

GENESIS - Energy efficient circular economy of critical raw materials

  Comparison graph of utilization potential Copyright: © ANTS

NuMaRü – Utilization potential analysis of materials from deconstruction process

  Airplane interior Copyright: © Safran Cabin Germany

ORAM - Development of a recycling and production system for the restoration of interior components and reduction of material consumption in the aviation industry