Case Study: Planning of circular value chains


Benedikt Verkic © Copyright: ANTS


Benedikt Verkic

Research assistant


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Learning objectives:

  • Ability to work on a complex task in teamwork with the topic implementation of circular economy
  • Implementation of analyses and evaluations on plant level and product level as well as analysis of systemic interrelationships
  • Application of knowledge on mechanical recycling, plant design and modeling as well as on life-cycle analyses
  • Knowledge of the methodical approach and work organization in a team
  • Preparation of work documentation

Contents of seminar:

  • Development of concepts for the implementation of circular economy on the basis of case studies on municipal or regional level or company level
  • Development of a material flow analysis, modeling of the system under consideration
  • Design of system components within the concept
  • Analysis and evaluation of economic and ecological impacts
  • Integration of the concept into the legal framework and legal requirements