Scientific profile of the Department of Anthropogenic Material Cycles

The topics "Earth. Resources. Materials. Renewables" of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering at RWTH Aachen University are all related to anthropogenic material cycles, which will have to be transferred to circular systems in the future. Our national system currently remains at a high level of resource use and waste generation. Globally, the demand for raw materials is still growing exponentially and the volume of waste is increasing.

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Pre-processing & Sorting

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Optimization potentials of preconditioning and recycling processes are investigated and further developed. Process chains are examined in detail both as a whole and in their individual process steps. A special focus is placed on the possibilities offered by sensor-based sorting and process control.

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Modelling & evaluation

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Material cycles are considered and evaluated on process and product level in a holistic context with regard to the entire value chain of product systems. Potentials for an optimized life cycle management are analyzed and mapped in models and scenarios.

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Circular raw materials management

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In accordance with the objectives of a "circular economy", necessary changes for the development of the existing recycling economy towards a circular raw materials economy are being examined. For this purpose, the roles of all actors along the value chain have to be taken into account, so that holistic and integrated recovery and recycling systems can be developed and tested.

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