ANTS at the ISIE in Leiden

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From July 2-5, 2023, the 11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology (ISIE2023) was held in Leiden, the Netherlands. The conference of the International Society of Industrial Ecology is a major scientific conference in the field of environmental assessment with over 800 participants, 99 parallel sessions, over 300 posters and 7 keynote speakers. The focus was on the changes needed in society to stay within planetary boundaries. In addition to technical, political and behavioural solutions, the overarching methods were also discussed.

  Photo of the ANTS-participants at ISIE2023 Copyright: © ANTS From left: Berfin Bayram, Prof. Kathrin Greiff, Wiebke Hagedorn

From ANTS, besides Prof. Kathrin Greiff, Berfin Bayram and Wiebke Hagedorn participated, who already attended the 8th Symposium on Industrial Ecology for Young Professionals on Saturday. Berfin Bayram presented her poster titled Closing the concrete loop - how to make it eco-friendly?, focusing on a comparative life cycle assessment of concrete produced using natural and recycled aggregates. A stochastic approach was followed in the study, evaluating various relevant parameters and their influence on the outcome using uncertainty and global sensitivity analyses. Wiebke Hagedorn also presented a poster on The Criticality Mitigation Potential of the Circular Economy. The focus is on the criticality analysis of the product systems NdFeB magnets and high-speed steel grinding sludge. Recycling according to the Circular Economy in a broader sense, as it is the subject of research in the GENESIS project, represents a risk mitigation strategy here