Lecture "Rohstoffe und Recycling 2": Excursion on the topic of steel

  Students at the scrap yard Copyright: © Wiebke Hagedorn

On 31.05.2023, the ANTS was on an excursion to the material stream iron and steel with the students and our external lecturer Dr. Pauly as part of the course "Rohstoffe and Recycling 2". First, we went to the scrap processor GMH Recycling GmbH in Dortmund. There, the students were able to learn about the sorting, crushing and marketing of iron scrap in practice. We then went to the steel mill of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Services GmbH in Witten, where we were shown the process of steel production and processing from secondary steel and the learning content of the lecture was given practical relevance. We would like to thank GMH and Deutsche Edelstahlwerke for these unique insights and Dr. Pauly for the great opportunity!