Technical laboratory


The technical laboratory of the Department of Anthropogenic Material Cycles is equipped with a broad range of mobile and stationary shredders as well as sorting and classification units. Moreover, the Department offers a large number of peripheral devices like conveyor belts, dewatering and dedusting units. The excellent technical equipment allows us to establish different sub-processes for treatment and processing of different waste streams. The technical laboratory is tailored to the specific needs of waste treatment. In order to achieve the best possible results, the department constantly expands its repertoire.

The available processing devices are presented as follows, thus clarifying the range of services in the field of experimental works the Department of Processing and Recycling has to offer. The spectrum of machinery covers:

Shredding, crushing, comminution
Peripheral machinery


Shredding, crushing, comminution



Technical sieving

Particle size distribution


Sorting machine

Ferrous metals separation

Non-ferrous metals separation

Air sifting

Density separation



  • Various feeding hoppers
  • Various vibrating conveyors
  • Various belt conveyors
  • Various screw conveyors
  • Bag filters (mobile and stationary)
  • Various ventilators
  • Various agitator vessels
  • Various pumps
  • Dewatering screen (linear oscillation)
  • Dewatering screen (curved screen)
  • Chamber filter press
  • Vacuum drum filter