Processing of secondary raw materials


Portrait picture of Alena Spies © Copyright: ANTS


Alena Spies

Research assistant, contact person technical center


+49 241 80 99354



Learning objectives:

  • Application of basic operations of mechanical processing and raw material characterization
  • Appropriate selection of processes and units for various tasks in waste treatment and recycling
  • Appropriate selection of valuation methods
  • Ability to balance and evaluate individual processes
  • Organization of laboratory tests
  • Training of documentation of work


Independent application of the provided content of "solid waste processing" as part of an internship. For example basic operations of processing:

  • Crushing/comminution processes and machines
  • Classification and screening machines
  • Dry sorting by density, shape, magnetic and electrical susceptibility
  • Optical sorting methods

Presentation and evaluation of test results:

  • Evaluation of the results of crushing/comminution processes
  • Quantification of the separation success of sorting processes, for example on the basis of particle distribution curves, substance analysis

Independent planning of experiments for given goals.