New publication on the recycling of external thermal insulation composite systems


The material recycling of complex waste streams such as external thermal insulation composite systems, short ETICS, is challenging, which is why their recycling in the sense of a circular economy is currently hardly established.


As part of the BMBF joint project KUBA "Sustainable plastics value chain: pilot case of plastics in the construction industry and buildings", the combined mechanical and thermochemical recycling of ETICS based on expanded polystyrene (EPS), among other materials, was investigated experimentally and by simulation by KIT, Institute of Technical Chemistry, and ANTS in order to evaluate possibilities for the circular economy. The results have been published in the paper "Recycling of polystyrene-based external thermal insulation composite systems - Application of combined mechanical and chemical recycling" recently in Waste Management 150 (2022), 141-150.