ANTS in "A Piece of the Future. Green Tech - Our foundation for tomorrow" with Clarissa Corrêa da Silva

  Picture of Professor Greiff and Clarissa Corrêa da Silva Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

In the second part of the video series "A Piece of the Future", the focus was on GreenTech as a foundation for a sustainable future, using the example of construction industry. The presenter duo of the "Sendung-mit-der-Maus" Clarissa Corrêa da Silva and Ralph Caspers dived into current research areas of the RWTH reaching from raw material extraction to recycling. The entire video is available on the Youtube channel of RWTH.

Professor Greiff's contribution on the promotion of sustainable construction with the help of a material database (CirculateD) begins at minute 9:36.

By collecting material data, it should be possible in the future to create a building passport for new buildings that includes the materials used and their recyclability. This would allow recycling costs to be priced in during construction, thus making more sustainable building methods more attractive. For such a building passport, all actors along the value chain must be included in order to be able to model the complete life cycle.