New RWTH Podcast "Auf den Punkt gebracht – Mehr wissen in 240 Sekunden"

  Photo of Prof. Dr. Kathrin Greiff Copyright: © Heike Lachmann

With the new audio short format "Auf den Punkt gebracht – Mehr wissen in 240 Sekunden", RWTH provides quick and easy access to exciting and socially relevant research topics from our university in informative audio reports lasting a maximum of four minutes. RWTH experts from science, research, administration and the RWTH start-up scene get to the heart of what they deal with every day in an understandable, direct and entertaining way. In this way, they not only generate understanding for their work, but also prove that science and research can be comprehensible and entertaining even without much context.

In the first episode our professor Kathrin Greiff talks among others about the topic circular economy starting 02:40 min. The podcast can be heard on and wherever podcasts are available.