Lecture "Rohstoffe und Recycling 1": Excursion on the topic of paper

  Copyright: © Pauly Rechtsanwälte

On 20.01.2023, ANTS and our external lecturer Dr. Pauly took the students on an excursion on the topic of paper as part of the course "Rohstoffe und Recycling 1". First, they went to the Aachener Papierverwertung & Containerdienst Horsch GmbH & Co. in Aachen. There, the students were able to learn about the collection and sorting of waste paper from businesses and private households in practice. Afterwards, we went to the UPM paper mill in Hürth, where we were shown the process of paper preparation and production for newsprint and where the learning contents of the lecture were given a practical reference. We would like to thank the container service Horsch and UPM for these unique insights and Dr. Pauly for the great opportunity!